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The Missing Fifty

So it was brought to my attention that question 231 sounded like I wanted to give oral to the Backstreet boys.


I discovered what had happened when I noticed that the questions jumped from 231 to 288.


231. Backstreet Boys/*Nsync: New Kids on The Block
232. Silver/gold: silver
233. Nike/Adidas: adidas
234. McDonalds/Taco Bell: Baja Fresh
235. Sweet/sour: sweet
236. Punk/emo: Uhm, nah
237. Hot/cold: Nearly scalding to start, then luke warm, or vice versa.
238. Winter/summer: winter
239. Spring/fall: spring
240. Operas/plays: Plays
241. Read/watch tv: read
242. Cd's/tapes: cds
243. Dvd's/vhs: dvds with all the extras, even though I freely admit to almost never watching them
244. Old/new: old or gently used
245. Shorts/skirts: shorts for me, duh
246. Pink/red: red
247. Colored pictures/black and white photos: Subject-dependant
248. Meat/vegetables: Meat!
249. Mexican food/chinese food: chinese
250. Commercials/infomercials: neither
251. Scary movies/comedies: comedies
252. Bikinis/one piece bathing suits: depends
253. Sandals/tennis shoes: tennis shoes
254. Dogs/cats: cats
255. Unicorns/fairies: unicorns
256. Water/land: land
257. Sugar/spice: sugar
258. Black/white: black
259. ribbons/bows: bows
260. Chicken/beef: Where's the Beef?
261. Colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights: BLUE!
262. Cars/trucks: cars
263. Austin Powers/James Bond: old school james Bond, Connery baby
264. Popcorn/pretzels: popcorn!
265. Hip/hop: hop
266. Passionate kiss/peck: passionate kiss
267. WWE wrestling/ real wrestling: Wrestling is STOOPID
268. Back rub/foot massage: Both please?
269. Picture frames/photo albums: photo albums
270. Pens/pencils: Pencil
~What Is Your Opinion Of The Following~
271. Eminem: is ok but not always my cup of tea
272. Virgins: Are people too!
273. God: loves everybody!
274. The Osbournes: show scares me
275. Reality TV: Real World Philly or Austin, but meh on the rest
276. J.Lo: Nicer butt in Selena
277. Religion: as long as people have faith it’s good
278. Emo music: not so much
279. Valentine's Day: Haven't celebrated in a while. Commercialism has all but destroyed it
280. Christina Aguilera: Hot mama!
281. Homosexuals: there should be marriage
282. Abortion: depends on the situation
283. Inter-racial relationships: Definitely
284. Murder: sad
285. Death: Not something I wanna do
286. Obesity: It happens
287. Pre-marital sex: Try it before you buy it!

By the way, if anyone wants to post this on Myspace, make sure you delete the asterisk from line 231.
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