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For some reason, the last few Saturdays, I've been waking up with a crushing headache. Not a migraine; probably a tension headache, but I can't beat it, short of eating all day and resting. For some reason, chewing helps alleviate it, but I'm all out of beef jerky :(
Medicine hasn't helped. And no one in my family gives decent neck/shoulder/back massages. *laughs ruefully* My brother, earlier this week, used the complaint that to raise his hands to my shoulders to squeeze my neck gently or massagaetically (yes, I made that up) would cause his back problems to flare up. *bashes head on desk*

Last night. Three of the Fab Four hit 60, and Fab #4 got 63! /Whee! My EQ goal for January is complete.

I have no idea what is in store for today... My family does not seem interested in putting the Christmas decorations away yet. I wish they would; I want my room back. I have 27 boxes sitting in my room right now, waiting to be refilled of a veritable landslide of ornaments, decorations, and other holiday knick knacks. I'm glad I rearranged my room before the holidays though, or I wouldn't have been able to get /into/ my room at all!

I've already eaten breakfast... A bowl of Basic4 with 2% milk. /eww Skim. I guess I'll make my bed, troll my mind for any stories, and go say g'morning to Dad.
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