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Thanksgiving Holiday


It went pretty well. Played games and read until about 11... ate breakfast... showered... then around 1:30 started helping with the table and such.
We had a decent feast.
30-lb turkey
Sausage stuffing inside the bird
Green bean casserole (eewww)
Onion casserole (double ew ew)
Dialyzed mashed potatos
Broccoli, corn, peas
Baked virginia ham
Plain brown gravy and brown gravy with mushrooms
Cranberry sauce
Dinner rolls

Spinach dip and gently toasted breads or raw veggies was the appetizer but I didn't partake.

I was extremely full and I only had one plate. :-(

Sis's boyfriend was over. He ripped on her pretty good >:) It was decent, there was laughing. Hasn't been a Thanksgiving dinner as cordial and full of familial comraderie since... 2000?

Didn't go out Black Friday to shop; in fact only went out to pick up Dad from dialysis and on the way home picked up some prescriptions.

Brother lost his job on Wednesday. Today he's down in Maryland helping his buddy move (from here to there.) Dunno where my sister is.
Mom's taking the opportunity to take advantage of my brother's absence to clean his room. I haven't stopped sneezing in over an hour :-(
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