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Sunday Shorts

It's so disgusting to walk into my own bathroom and be suffocated by a cloud of nicotine.

My mother, brother, and sister all smoke. My dad has a friend who visits who smokes; my brother has four friends, and my sister also has another friend who visits, who all smoke.

So when they want to visit me or my brother in our upstairs room, they smoke up quick in the bathroom, then come up. I need to come through the bathroom and upstairs to enter my room; hence I need to reverse that path to get out. And it is disgusting.

It's even worse when my mom leaves one burning in the bathroom, and I go into the dining room and find one there, then go into the kitchen to eat, find another, and see her in her bedroom lighting a fourth.

No wonder we spend ~200 bucks every two and a half weeks for cigarettes.
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