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Stumble on Wednesday

I thought Den was crazy, suggesting I sign up for Stumble. Wasn't I already wasting time on the 'Net efficiently enough?

Apparently not.

I've found a bunch of neato stuff (and since I haven't finished reading Teh Intarweb I'll probably continue doing so) but here are a "Baker's Dozen" (in honor of the wonderful bread I had with lunch today) for you to enjoy. Or just skip past. Up to you :)

Mac OS X Menu Bar addons - not that I use OS X right now, but still hoping "eventually soon"

PBS Science Programs

Neat Article about using electronics to replace a human retina. Shame they still can't fix colorblindness.

Web utility to measure your internet connection speed. Makes me wish I could put it up against the new 20/20 FIOS service Verizon has.

Hubble site flash viewer of black holes

Movie Trailers

Guy modified his PC's case to look like something out of The Matrix

A whole lot of chinese/japanese recipes

Guidelines for Cats Too funny. Too true!

50 Best Cookie Recipes on the Internet

How to Hide an Airplane Factory, as completed by the US Army Corps of Engineers

Cat Celebration (make sure you check out the additional Continue pages at the bottom)

Photoshop design tutorials that look neat but not like much I'd actually end up using.
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