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It's October. Wow.

"Wow" is about the best I can say.

I spent the last five days of September sick as a dog, throat all swollen, coughing up a storm, keeping myself awake until ~3am.

The cough still hasn't gone away but it's not quite as bad.

Last weekend I don't quite remember how I spent Saturday, but Sunday I hung out with my brother for a while after church. We went to breakfast at Champps' (sports bar, had decent breakfast. I had french toast.) then went to a couple stores.

While I was sick I was able to catch up on two full seasons of Smallville - got #4 and #5 at Best Buy and Target respectively for 20 bucks. Also started watching the new season #7, and also got into some of the new shows and seasons starting the past week or so.

Bionic Woman is decent. I thought the first episode could have benefited from more exposition of the characters, but after the second it seems everyone will be growing soon.
House was funny, as usual.
Private Practice just didn't quite "do it" for me.
Moonlight was quite neat, reminded me of a roleplay board I frequent. I didn't think "disclosure" would take place by the end of the second episode.
Stargate Atlantis definitely seems like dark times, but I'm glad they were able to get Carter into position with a minimum of "oh she's here, now she's there."
Smallville was a surprise (considering by the time I watched the first ep of season 7, I'd only seen half of season 4) but by the time I saw the second ep I'd pretty much caught up. I think the Clark-Kara dynamic will be very interesting to watch.
Heroes was quite good. Unfortunately I have the feeling that Hiro and Peter's stories are both carrying everything along at the moment, but it is the new season with a lot of changes.
Pushing Daisies was neat. The twist was guessed early on but I like the style. Kind of reminded me of a Tim Burton film, or maybe one with the narrator from the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.
Journeyman had promise but I missed the second ep.
I passed on Grey's Anatomy because I missed all of the last season, and also passed on CSI because I missed seasons 2-6.

Meanwhile I watched Sgt. Bilko from Netflix, thought it was okay but not really hilarious.

Started playing WoW again, but I'm forcing myself to limit how long I'm online. ~D~ mentioned a couple months ago that my migraines had for the most part dissipated, and while there could be other reasons for that, she connected it to my not-playing-WoW-ness. Which is a very good thought, I thought, but difficult to recreate. (Not to mention I really don't want a migraine.)

This weekend I need to put the first and final touches on my Halloween costume, and pack for the Halloweekend this coming Friday :)

I need lunch... PB&J sounds really tempting right now.
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