michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Maple Shade Sidewalk Sale and Yard Sale

Today was the annual Maple Shade Sidewalk Sale.

Every year, the Saturday after Labor Day, our town closes 8 or so blocks of Main Street, hires the local country station 92.5 WXTU, and people from town put up tables and sell junk, crafts, food, etc.

It runs from 10am to around 3pm. There's a parade, music, food, old junk to look at, all the sorts of things you might find at a town fair, minus the rides. Old friends, family, hanging out.

Sadly, this year, the Sidewalk Sale, though expanded in scope with a new "car show" (8 or so guys brought their "classics" for display) was a much less attended event. Usually my family comes home with at least a bag of books and a couple small bags of various other trinkets.

This year, no one came home with anything but a little food.

It was nice to get out of the house for a while.
I walked from around 10:15 to nearly 11.
I thought I saw my "Juliet" out of the corner of my eye but when I turned to look she was gone. Saw a few other people from high school but again, the moving throng made them disappear quite quickly.

It also happened that we (the fam) had our own little yard sale just a block from Main Street.
In addition to a bunch of little trinket/tchotchke junk and a couple dozen paperbacks from my own post-mostly-clean room, my sister put out a bunch of her old clothes, and her boyfriend and my brother both added some items. Further, Bro got the idea in his head to get soda and water to offer to passersby... however the amount of foot traffic was much reduced this year, compared to others, and we ended up "in the hole" for 19 bucks.
36 bucks for soda and water, 17 bucks profited from junk... Wasn't quite as we planned.

Most of the rest of the remaining stuff will be donated somewhere.

I wish I could have gotten to talk to the few "kids" (I can't really call them kids anymore, what with this year having been the 10 year milestone of me being out of high school) that I saw, but they were noticed then gone so quickly :(

Ah well, it was a good day all in all.
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