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Second Phase: Complete

From what my Dad says, Carpal made the bottoms of his hands, and his wrists, hurt.

I finished the second phase of cleaning my room.
Tore apart the computer, cleaned the cables. Cleaned the computer. Removed my old, dead Belkin brand UPS, and replaced it with a brand new APC unit. Vacuumed the floor under the desk and under the chair mat.
Vacuumed under the bed then the area where my trashcans sit, before moving everything that was in the walkway to the area in front of the desk so I could get at the fridge.
Cleaned off the fridge then unplugged it and defrosted it. Got about 7 pounds of ice out of it. Fixed the phone jack behind where it sits - though admittedly it didn't need repair, it just needed a broken part removed from it.
Vacuumed almost all of the remainder of my "area" on the green square but I'll be doing a lot more shuffling as I sort through stuff and clear out some of the computer crap in my closet.

Next up is probably ... You know, I have no idea what to do next. I need to clean off the nightstand/bookshelf combo, and it probably couldn't hurt to clear out my underwear drawer... Plus I need to get into the closet to pull crap out but I'm running out of room to place it. I wish I could have gotten help from a certain someone to put the remainder of the Christmas decorations away, but alas.
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