michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

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BOOMG Plus Positive

Bored. Out of my gourd.

I have two movies to watch from Netflix - Murphy's Romance and Streets of Fire.
I have the remainder of The Dresden Files season 1 and the entirety of Stargate SG-1 Season 10 to watch.
I have TMNT, Disturbia, Footloose, Flashdance, Wild Hogs to watch.
I have a dozen or so books I could read that are collecting dust that I haven't touched yet.
I have a handful of games to play.

But no desire.

I should clean my room, but again, no pressing desire.

If I clean, I want to be putting the shit that gets moved, into a moving truck.

But no such luck.

On the up side, it's raining, and we successfully steam-cleaned the carpets this year with minimal fighting, a smidgen of yelling, and only four fume-related headaches.
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