michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Texas Trip 2007

-July 21st to July 30th

Flew Delta. My flight, being at 7:30 on Saturday, prompted me to be at the airport at 5:10. After nearly 40 minutes of self-service kiosk problems, and a further hour of really slow assisted checkin problems, I finally got to the security line, which I zipped through in under 4 minutes. Took off my sneakers, put my bags and such on the belt, went through the detector... And when the machine scanned my last item it shut off and rebooted. Stood there for ten minutes with other fliers looking like they wanted to kill me.

Pitstopped, then got on the plane just as final boarding was being called. Since I was in the exit seat row between coach and first class it was easy enough to sit, but a pain to stow my carryons. Napped most of the flight.
Landed in Atlanta. Got breakfast at a chinese restaurant. Chicken, I think, with rice. I ate with chopsticks. An Oriental man speaking in an Oriental language sat nearby eating chicken from Nathan's, with a fork. The contrast made me laugh.
Got on my plane with time to spare. Sat right across from the rear galley next to a rather nice woman. Finished my book, started my second, ended up having a conversation with her for the rest of the flight.
Landed in Austin. Called Mom to say I landed safely and as I was about to get my bag, S tapped me on the shoulder nearly scaring me.

We went to lunch, and Target for toiletries (I'd decided not to pack any) then got to her house and gathered up her kids, said hi to her husband, then went swimming.
After swimming we went to dinner with M+D to Texas Land and Cattle. I got chicken and steamed veggies. Quite good. Went home, played some Spyro on PS2 for the oldest daughter, went to bed.

Went to church, then gallivanted around. I think we went swimming then went out to The County Line for dinner. Great barbecue.

Vegged in the morning until S had an appointment to go to, so she dropped me and the girls off at Chick-Fil-A where I read one of my many books and watched the girls while snacking on their waffle fries. Went to the mall for a little while then went home had dinner and played DDR. Discovered I can't due to my ankular problems.

S had another (different) appointment, so we went to her Church where I "babysat" the girls at the playground and in the copy room. Then after getting slushies, went swimming and shopping. We had dinner at Outback with A+A - our first time meeting them; A1 was the gal I was supposed to meet in MD last year, ironic that I met her in Texas - and S was attacked by a handicapped parking sign on her right bicep. Ow.

Went to the Austin Childrens' Museum which was really cool. Went to the Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch then back to the Museum for a little while before we got tired and the rain stopped. Went to the mall again and I don't remember what dinner was. Realized after dinner that I had left my sunglasses in the mens' room at Macy's and was sad. I'd bought them in 2005, I think, for my TXTrip that year. Sent S+C out while I babysat the girls. We played Spyro and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on PS2, and a few games of Go Fish. Then I read to them before bed.

Went swimming again, this time armed with a snorkel/mask set, and had fun, then we went out to dinner again this time including C, to see A+A, at Jason's Deli. I had a really good corned beef/pastrami sandwich. I really wanted one of their gimungous baked potatoes but I didn't feel like dealing with the stomach ache. Later, went over M+D's for an overnight stay. Played Wii for a while (hurting my shoulder in the process) as well as Gamecube and fiddled with the dog.

Went to Kerbey Lane for breakfast with M, then went shopping a couple places to find me a new pair of sunglasses. Was unsuccessful. Met D and went to see Transformers (for the fourth time), then went to dinner at Chili's. I wasn't impressed; too much hot/spicy stuff on the menu for me, but what I had - a bacon cheeseburger - was quite good. That night we (D+myself) taught M how to play Magic: The Gathering. Also played some more Wii.

Took the dog out and played with her a bit, then after showering and "packing" went to lunch at Fuddruckers with M+D, S+C and the girls. Afterwards, drove to Waco with S and K to drop off K to her grandmother. On the way home, stopped at a roadside stand that sold all sorts of campy souvenir memorabilia and bought a shot glass for my sister and a pound of beef jerky for Dad and Bro. Then we stopped at The Candle Factory, and I bought someone something, and got myself a "Rain" and a "Leather" candle. The leather candles smell SO perfect, except after it sat in a plastic bag with Rain it kind of melded scents just a little. Got home finally, picked up B+C and went to dinner at some mexican place whose name I can't remember. I had a really good three different style taco dish that was rather spicy and made me sweat up a storm but it was really good and I figured if I needed I could just not go to Church the next day. Saw The Simpsons movie. It was good but it felt ... underdone? Hard to describe. I wanted more. Got home, watched Jay and Silent Bob, went to bed.

Skipped church. Listened to my voicemails around noon, including one from my mom. A half hour after which I had a horrendous stomach ache. We went swimming yet again, getting out just in time to escape a thunderstorm, then went back to The County Line for dinner. Took pictures of the turtles in the creek this time and took my time eating. Went to Target for grins, because we didn't want to go home. S+C bought "Blues Brothers" and "The Pirate Movie" on dvd. We went home and watched "The Pirate Movie" while I packed which I didn't much care for and went to bed by 10:15.

Was up multiple times between 12:30 and 3:26. Showered, got dropped off. *sniffpout* Was hungry but none of the restaurants in the airport were open at 4:30 so I sat and waited and read and napped until we boarded.
I got stuck behind the galley behind the bulkhead, which wasn't so bad, except I had nowhere again to put my carryons and had to finagle my feet weirdly to hide them right in front of me. Behind me were a bunch of military people taking bets on who would be able to be heard snoring above the sound of the engines.
Landed in Atlanta, got a Nathan's hotdog for lunch. Played some DS Lite (New Super Mario Brothers) by the gate which was surrounded by a LOT of people - 60+ people were on Standby to Philly because their Northwest flights got cancelled and a lot of Delta flights were delayed because of severe weather. Luckily I got on the flight and even though it was over 80 minutes late, landed safely in Philly.
Bro picked me up and we went to Uno Chicago Grill for lunch then went home.
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