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Magic Game Day

I went to Magic Game Day this morning, to coincide with the release of Tenth Edition.


I bought one of the preconstructed decks (white) and a bunch of booster packs.

I was only one of two guys at the store (not counting the owner and the older sister of the other customer - who was a pretty cute brunette) so we battled three times.

The first time I played with my white pre-con against his black pre-con.
I won. I pacified two big hitters and Pariah-enchanted the third, and he couldn't get out any of the other creatures in his hand. He kept whining about "shoulda taken a mulligan." The rather evil casting of Pariah (enchant creature: all damage dealt to you is dealt to enchanted creature instead) on his big hitter made him groan.

The second and third times I played with my white pre-con against his custom-made artifact affinity deck. Very interesting theme.
I won both times.
The first time I got lucky with some first-strike fliers and an insta-cast Benalish Knight.
The second time I pacified (again) his big hitters and used Condemn (target attacking creature gets put at bottom of its owner's graveyard and owner gains life equal to its toughness) wasn't enough to keep him alive with four 2/2s pounding on him. :)

It's not enough of a "woohoo" to get me back into it regularly but if I can play once in a while against the gf or brother or whomever it would make for a nice diversion.

As an aside, in the booster packs I got, I picked up a couple in-demand rare cards: Shivan Dragon, Clone, and a Nightmare.
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