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Transformers (movie, 2007, possible spoilers)


Simple, monosyllabic, easy to type.

And ya know, it just doesn't cover the sheer awesomeness of this movie.

The origin exposition was well done.

The effects were better than top notch. Likely the best you'll see all year.

The Sam story was great, the Military story was good, but the hacker story was a little unneeded.

The original score was thrilling but some of the lyrical soundtrack felt kind of flat.

Cullen as Prime brought chills.

Our theatre was rather reactive to the movie.

There was cheering when the Hasbro logo came up and nearly drowned out the beginning of the exposition. There were laughs as Bobby Bolivia fondled the VW Bug. Laughs, cheers, gasps, some rather raucous "oh SNAP" utterances...

Just a great crowd movie.
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