michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

This past weekend

It was an interesting weekend.

Went out with Mom Friday night because neither of us had eaten and we needed to get out. Really good chinese buffet.

Saturday I cleaned my room a bit more, while listening to yet more Buffy episodes. Then we went to Mother's Day Dinner. Mom had made reservations for 5 at a local steak house (Steak&Ale) that needed to be "well lit and with room for a wheelchair."
So we get there exactly at 5 when they opened and got seated immediately. In a room with but one working light that wasn't even pointed at our table. So I got my sister's boyfriend to turn it towards our table, after which we noticed there was another light directly above Dad's seat that was burnt out. So Mom called the manager and had it replaced.
Dinner was nice after that initial snafu. We laughed, took our time.

Sunday Mom and I spent ~8 hours replacing the exterior hose connector for the garden hose - typically called a sillcock - during which I tore up a knuckle, and the back of my knee, and got a 4-inch long solder burn on my right index finger and hand. Ow.

Then we had Chinese takeout for dinner and it was yummy.
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