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Movie Wednesday

Watched more movies this past Weds. (April 4th.)

Started with...

Very graphically beautiful movie. Voice acting was top notch - thankfully they didn't use famous people for the turtles - but the only famous voices in it were Kevin Smith, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Patrick Stewart. The music was good, but not very turtlish, I don't think. But the rest of the themes in it - ie Mikey power-skateboarding down the sewer - were spot-on.
The climax left me feeling a little flat, ie "that's it?" but it was a really really good movie, first from a "let's get the Turtles back out there" point of view, and from the familial-brotherly feeling the Turtles always seem to bestow upon me.

After I got home, I skipped playing games (for once) and instead watched...

Pieces of April
Starring a pre-TC Katie Holmes, the tech guy from Executive Decision, the old lady who played the librarian in Ghostbusters, and Thora Birch (and a few other folks) it's about a girl, estranged from her family, who invites them to Thanksgiving dinner.
Much tension, both in the girl and her boyfriend (and their prep for the big Turkey Day) as well as the remainder of the family during their trip to visit.
Quite well done. I completely identified with the angst the girl felt, especially with the problems she was having with her preparations, as well as with the with the family and the underlying drama of "will this actually happen, or not?"

And then...

The Full Monty
It starts off a little slow, but it ends up being a very poignant movie about the lengths a down-on-his-luck father will go to, to keep his child fed and safe. Including dancing nude for women.

They were very good movies. I'm rather pleased with the selections I've made lately, and hope I can continue to do so with the next few movies I get (after I finish season 1 of Seaquest ;) )
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