michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Movie Trio Weekend

I had a rather movie-filled weekend, compared to recent months.

I finally cracked the seals on two Netflix I've had sitting for entirely too long, and picked up another via Amazon for S&G.

First up was "Calendar Girls".

A movie about a group of older women in England that, in order to raise money for a local hospital, pose nude for a calendar. Very moving story about a woman's love for her husband, a friend's love for her friends, and how a community of women (especially Christian women) can come together to beat society's norms and do something extraordinary. Made me teary. Family movie.

Second was "Head of State".

Older flick starring Chris Rock as a town councilman (alderman?) who gets pegged to run for President. Of the United States. Of America. North America. You know. That one. Yeah. Funny Chris Rock, as usual; a little overdone in some of the n-words and kind of shtick-y with what seemed like bits from his comedy routines, but it was a laugher, and also an interesting look at how people would react if a minority would run for President. (If a bit exaggerated.) Definately not a family movie.

Lastly I had "Zerophilia".

A strange fantasy about a college age guy who turns into a woman when he gets turned on (or has an orgasm) due to possessing an extra chromosome. There's some interesting imagery related to the possible science background of this that isn't fully explored (but fans of a certain dinosaur movie may get it) and some further social commentary about how gender roles fit in, in contemporary society. The twist was wonderfully foreshadowed, and the untwist was completely unexpected. (Get it? Twist? DNA? Hahahaha.) Probably not a family movie. Lots of f-bombs and some bare breasts.

Up for next week: "Full Monty" and whatever I get back from Netflix.
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