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First Weekend of the Year

So I had a migraine Friday that I luckily staved off for the most part with Excedrin Migraine... Undiscovered trigger til Monday. (See Monday.)

Saturday even though it was a beautiful 70+ outside here in the old 'burbs I stayed inside and did some computer and cleaning work.

Sunday after church I got a craving for Manhattan Bagels, so we went and picked up a dozen. I put too much cream cheese on my bagels, apparently, because I ended up with a migraine shortly thereafter. Trigger: cream cheese

Monday I went to Saladworks at the Mall for lunch and asked about the ingredients of their ranch dressing (since that was the only 'strange' thing I'd eaten Friday) and discovered they use buttermilk in their ranch. Trigger: Buttermilk

I need to go to the doctors and get some sort of referral to a doctor that could maybe possibly run tests (even though I hate doctor tests with a passion) to maybe perhaps figure out why I get migraines from some lactose-based products and not others (though admittedly I -do- get them from pretty much everything if I don't consume in moderation. ie more than two slices of pizza = migraine.)

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