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Harry Potter is dead.

No, not that one. (Not yet anyway.)

Back in March 04, after I'd been out of work for six months from my last job, Mom and I were going through Petsmart for some cat food. And we happened by the small animal area and saw a light gray gerbil with red eyes...


So we bought him. And all the necessary gerbil accoutrements. Spent 110 dollars I really didn't have.

But he was a constant source of entertainment for a while. Especially with our cat Zeus climbing up onto the computer monitor to sit and stare at him, or even after we moved the cage, to jump up and sit on top of it and watch him run in his wheel or whatever. He didn't always like when you walked from the kitchen into the dining room but he usually watched (when awake and not chewing) people go by.

Harry died this morning at 2:30am Eastern. We "buried" him at 8:30am. (In-ground burials are illegal in NJ if you do it in your own back yard. We had a nice little trashcan-side ceremony instead.) I whistled Taps, I think Mom was humming Amazing Grace.

Long Live Harry Potter!
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