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Eastern half of the US is screwed.

Well, not entirely, and listen to my reasoning.

In NJ, we have had exactly 4 days of sub-32 degree weather.

Instead, we've had a month and a half of 40+ weather, and forecasts for this week (1/1/07) are looking to put our highs in the low 60s.

So come March, if we don't get at least 3-4 weeks of a good freeze, not only will there be problems with plants blooming (a magnolia bush at my mother's office is budding) but we're going to be inundated with bugs.

Squirrels still run rampant in my yard. I heard a flock of ducks this morning flying over my house. It rained several inches on New Year's, when meteorologically we should have gotten snow.

I'm as much a fan of the bone-crackling cold as the next Jerseyboy... but I really wish it would -get- cold.
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