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A Coworker died last night.

He'd been sick for a while. I don't really know with what; HIPAA and all that.

He was a nice guy, for the most part. Had a way of getting brusque with some of the stupid people we had to deal with on a daily basis.

I got him so mad at me one time for calling him on a BS issue he invented for me to answer that he didn't talk to me for almost six months.

But after that, recently, he started saying hello to me again and interacting and almost smiling at me.

I kinda wish we'd fully patched up but luke I said, I'm happy we were able to get back to the 'hi we exist to each other' point.

Our office director had spoke with him last night, and an hour later went over to his house and found him dead on the floor...

Today was a somber day for most of the office. Several of the women ran out of the office, crying. Our company is sending us a 'grief counselor' to help those of us hardest hit by the loss.

He had worked for the company for over 20 years, helping the original owner develop the product from a basic mainframe system for banks, to a personal-computer usable DOS product.

I'll miss his offcolor jokes and the feeling of sea-sickness his walking caused (he weighed over 400 pounds) (okay maybe not that so much) but he was a nice guy and he'll be missed.

So long, Tony S.
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