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Twice the Toilets, and there seems to be a Double Standard

Last year we had a second bathroom installed for two reasons.

1: So my handicapped father could have a shower of his own that wouldn't pose limb- or life-threatening risk when used.
2: So we'd have an extra, usable toilet for one of the four people in the family who routinely have stomach issues, obviating the need for *knockknock* Hurry gotta go! Push, push! Flush, flush!

And it was finished... late last summer? or thereabouts.

And so far, my father and I are the only ones to use that toilet. The rest of the family has used the shower.
Usually you'd hear something like this:
*mike walks and finds the 'main' bathroom door closed. knockknock.* "#2" someone says, or "showering" or "be a few minutes." Then there's a shout from either inside the bathroom or elsewhere, "use the other bathroom."
I don't really -mind- using the other bathroom; I mean if you gotta go, you gotta go... but being a 'handicapped' toilet it sits 4+ inches higher than a regular toilet, AND we had another riser installed, which puts the level of the seat almost 8 inches higher than a 'regular' toilet. So my feet dangle. A lot. But I use it.

Then there's the times when I'm in the main bathroom, say after I shower on my path to 'work readiness' (even though I DON'T WANNA!)
Take this morning for instance. I had to finish my post-shower routine. Do my hair, brush my teeth, clean my ears, etc.
*knockknock* Mike, your sister needs to use the bathroom.
There's another bathroom with a working toilet.
Don't give me that shit, you fucker. Hurry it the fuck up.
There's another toilet.

I took my good old time. Got an earful for it. But damn, I hate double standards.
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