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Friday blah...

I just got out of the shower, and yes, I put on shorts and a shirt, so I could write this while I could.

Alarm set for 6:30. Get up. Told not to shower yet. Apparently Dad used most of the hot water. I get back into bed. 7:05 I get out again and go down to shower. Mom tells me I can't unless I take a three minute shower. Now, I haven't showered in under six minutes for more than ten years. I can't understand how my mom does it. I make sure I have no 'residue' of my day-prior deodorant under my arms. I wash my face and behind my ears. And all my other 'two thousand parts'. Well sometimes I neglect the back of my legs.

Anyway, it took me six minutes to shower, and 3 to dry and brush my teeth. And I get yelled at that I'm taking a twenty minute shower.

But it's ok for my mom to yell at my dad for not waking her at 6:30 - she has her own alarm - and also for my sister to get up at 6:45 then spend a half hour on the couch in the living room smoking.


So dreams. I dreamt I was playing a live-action simulation. Ever play one of those trading games, like Starship Tycoon? Basically it's a game where you move from planet to planet/city to city/etc. and move dry goods. Metals, minerals, etc.
Well I dreamt I was one of the 'pilots' and there were about 300 people on a highway 'roleplaying' this simulation game. I remember passing the stop I wanted to make, and trying to walk past the throng of people, then fill up my 'cargo tank' - water canteen.

Then, after waking at 6:30, I dreamt I was present for a nuclear bomb test - a series of five - and the Establishment didn't believe they worked, until people started pulling out their teeth in handfulls. *shudder* Closest I've been to a nightmare in a few weeks.

Unfortunately, my brother decided today is the day he wanted to go to Philadelphia's Annual Wing Bowl - hundreds of people watch a dozen or so have an all-you-can-eat contest/fest eating buffalo wings.

If only buffalo could fly... But then buffalo would taste like chicken. Inconceivable!

So anyway, since my brother has been gone since 10pm last night, I'm stuck taking my dad to dialysis and therapy today, even though brother and I had previously agreed for -him- to.

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