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Awesome Donuts

My sister picked up the most awesome donuts at some place near where her boyfriend lives. They were just soooo good... Actually pretty hard to describe. Instead of being the cakey-like bubbles that those from, say, Dunkin Donuts or a supermarket, they're actually kind of dense and heavy.

Except after sitting in the fridge for a couple days, they were kind of hard to chew and now my jaw is tired.

Speaking of tired jaws, we got Manhattan Bagels yesterday for breakfast - first time we've had bagels in some months now. And after toasting my pumpernickel bagel and slathering the three slices with my toppings of choice (top - butter, middle - plain cream cheese, bottom - veggie cream cheese) I chowed down. And my chower was rather fatigued afterwards.

Kind of a pain in the butt after eating something you enjoy and not being able to move onto the next part of the meal because your jaw's too tired to chew.

Ironicly, this segues me into a true story... I overheard some girls in my high school talking about modelling, and wondering how those models who are stick thin don't seem to eat... It's because they chow down on beef jerky (or similar) all day long, so by the time dinner rolls around, their jaws are too tired to chew!
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