michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Borrowed from a friend of a friend...

This is The Guilty Game. Next to the questions, put your answers as either guilty or innocent. Guilty if you have, innocent if you haven't. Re-post and see what others have or have not done!

Singing in the shower?: GUILTY

Spit in someone's Drink?: INNOCENT

Made someone cry?: GUILTY

Opened your Christmas presents early?: GUILTY

Lied to a friend?: GUILTY

Broken a bone?: GUILTY - Nose (septum, bridge) and probably a little toe

Seen "The Goonies" more than 10 times? GUILTY

Played a Computer game for more than 5 hours?: GUILTY - Hooo boy am I guilty of this one

Ran through the sprinklers?: GUILTY

Ran through the sprinklers naked?: INNOCENT

Went outside naked?: GUILTY - but it was an emergency!

Flashed somebody?: INNOCENT

Mooned somebody?: GUILTY

Been on stage?: GUILTY

Been on stage naked or close to it?: INNOCENT

Been in a school play?: GUILTY

Drank beer?: GUILTY

Gotten detention?: GUILTY - Failed a math test in 8th grade four times. The -same- test.

Gotten in school suspension?: INNOCENT

Been on a plane: GUILTY

Been on a cruise?: INNOCENT

Cheated on a test?: GUILTY

Broken into a house?: INNOCENT

Gotten a tattoo?: INNOCENT

Gotten piercings?: INNOCENT

Gotten into a fist fight?: GUILTY

Gotten into a shouting match?: GUILTY

Swallowed sea/pool water?: GUILTY

Spun yourself in circles to get dizzy on purpose?: GUILTY

Laughed so hard it hurt?: GUILTY

Fell down a whole flight of stairs?: GUILTY

Tripped on your own feet?: GUILTY

Cried yourself to sleep?: GUILTY

Cried in public?: GUILTY

Thrown up in public?: GUILTY

Lied to your parents?: GUILTY

Skipped class? INNOCENT

Cried so hard you threw up?: GUILTY

Gone skinny dipping: GUILTY

Skydived: INNOCENT

Gotten jealous: GUILTY

Screamed so loud you turned red: GUILTY

Burned an ant with a microscope: INNOCENT - however I have burned ants and wood and tin with a huge fresnel lens ;)

(Thanks tigger_1981)
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