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Almost July...

So on Saturday I had a rather painful migraine - I took Ibuprofen (800mg that my neurologist gave me), two Excedrin Migraine (dosage is two per twenty four hours) and I was really really tempted to take a percocet but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't stand to sit up and watch muted movies or fiddle with Final Fantasy X a little.

I figured out what it was - I'd slept in on Saturday.

I know, that sounds like a really stupid reason to have a migraine.

It wasn't because I was up late (watching Home Improvement on DVD)... It was because I woke up late. 9am to be exact, shortly before ~S~ called me on her way to the airport to drop off her daughter. I haven't woken later than 7am in a very long time - not counting the week in Texas - so maybe my body's just not used to it?

I don't know.

Anyway, after finally getting to bed around 11, and waking up at my usual time on Sunday at 6:20, I felt pretty darned good. A bit of a stomach ache, due to some of the food we ate on Saturday, but... well enough.

The redone bathroom is done - yay - and almost usable.

Of course, now I remember that most of this week we'll be getting a visit from our director lady, who is coming down to visit to interview the people who may become our new manager... Goody goody gumdrop.

Congratulations to dogzilla30 on her new job, and Happy Birthday! (your card is in the mail, sweetie. *hugs*)
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