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Since I never finished up the info about that girl...

I ended up calling the whole thing off at the end of our second date. I don't think you can really say "I dumped her" because well, we weren't "together." If we were, it was all in her mind.

Certain things combined that just made her completely unattractive and, well, I don't need extra drama in my life.
(As an ironic aside, when I was in Texas, she sent me a message via Yahoo that basically said "good bye and good luck with life," as if "breaking up" was her idea!

Oh well, whatever makes you sleep at night, honey.

Work has taken a decidedly boring turn. My daily call amounts are less than five, and I spend not much more than 45 minutes on the phone, total, all day.
So, as busy work, our Support Director has given our departments "supplemental training" requirements.
Basically, we need to study a subject for a minimum of forty hours by the end of the fiscal year. I have so many issues with that, they're uncountable, and not for this Livejournal post.

Meanwhile, we're working on rebuilding our original bathroom, because having just one working shower is not working for the family.
Double meanwhile, Dad has started to take a real turn for the worse, with a horrible blood sugar incident the first Sunday of June. His bs dropped from 120 to 40 in a half hour, and then while the First Aid squad was present, down under 20. Much further, we'd have lost him...

I've almost finished the five cards I need to send out. I hope I get my creativity back, at least a little. I don't mind having left it in Texas, as I know it's in good hands, but fo' shizzle, man, having creative blue balls is just achin' for a brain pain.
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