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I don't get it...

My mom wakes up at 7am every Saturday, showers, and goes to church. That part I understand.

But then she babysits for my sister's boyfriend most of the day. See, BF has his daugther one weekend a month. And while my sister and he go out every remaining weekend, the guy has the audacity to pawn the girl off on my mom when he has her. And she's stupid enough to say 'yes'.

So she also spends all of this Saturday cleaning. Won't accept my help for the laundry because of my colorblindness. Won't let me do anything else in the house because the girl's allergies are pretty severe and vacuuming or dusting will set her off. There're no dishes to wash, because last night I went in with mom on pizza.

So then I was making dinner for dad at 5:30 and she starts flying off the handle, "When do I get to sit around all Saturday?"

My response is, "When you let yourself!"

For the last five months, my brother and I have been doing the majority of the chores in the house during the week. We don't do laundry or clean the bathroom. Bathroom because we can never do it 'as good as I can' according to mom. And laundry because of my color problems, and my brother just because he's stupid and mixes everything. (Or feigns stupidity. Anyway.)

This is the first weekend we haven't done the chores, mainly because of doctors appointments and snow/freezing rain and such.

And it's my fault.


A friend tells me that relaxing is just 'not something a mom does'. No wonder so many moms work themselves into the grave... with spouses and aged children, they just don't delegate or seperate the work so they're not over doing it.

So to you moms out there... Relax, dammit. I'd rather do a chore than have you screeching like a banshee in my ear for something you won't let me do.
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