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I need to do a cleansing post. This month has been... yeah.

March 1st is my mom's birthday. Since it was also Ash Wednesday, we made plans to go to Red Lobster. Unfortunately I was working late shift, and was unable to get out early or switch shifts.
At 5:55 I get a call from my sister, "you're leaving at 8, right?" Yup. "Okay, we'll be at RL at 8:30." Okay.
At 7:55 I get a call from my sister, "you're leaving at 8, right?" Yup... "Okay, well Bro's sick so we're going to get takeout chinese." Darnit. Get me beef and broccoli. "It's ash wednesday." Crap.
When I walk into the house, there's tuna hoagies on the kitchen counter. Crap.
We ended up going to Red Lobster the following Sunday. We had a good old time.

March 15th is my sister's birthday. We ended up going out to dinner the night before, because she had this big romantic dinner planned from one of her boyfriends. (I think right now she has three.) We went to Old Country Buffet because she didn't want to go anywhere more expensive - not like she was paying for it - and because I refused to go for Chinese food. (I hate the buffet we go to regularly.)

The Sunday after that, I met dogzilla30 in Manhattan! YAY! I think that was my best day this month so far. (Of course, with only two days left in the month...) Had a great time.

In between, work has been leh suck because our Networking Dept. decided they wanted to migrate everyone from office-centric Exchange email servers, to one huge nation-wide email server. Caused no ends of problems, ironically and typically enough for the most avid users of Outlook in my office.

Today I will be (hell I already am) an extremely nervous best friend as kaytana goes in for a hysterectomy. Even though it's routine... Still being positive! It's going to go great and she'll be back on her feet tomorrow! YAY!

Of course I'll keep updates on that.

xeyda has had a pretty rough month, and I can only send her positive vibes. Big hugs for you, hon.

Well, I need to shower - the other cleansing - and go to work. I'll try to focus...
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