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I really tore up my bed last night. I don't know what it is... It seems that if I go to bed at a time more than 20 minutes variant from around 11:30 then not only do I have some really, really odd dreams... I also kick and wiggle and really mess up my bed.

It could also be, as I've told ~S~ and ~C~ that my body is working overtime trying to keep me healthy in a house (and an office) full of people with "respiratory ailments" and "gastrointestinal distress." Okay, okay, "cold and flu." It's that season, you know.

I've been trying to stave it off with Orange Juice every morning, regular sleep, and hand sanitizer. So far...

Last week was nice, because I had the early shift - 8 to 4:30 - though the days I had to pick up my Dad from dialysis sucked because I had to waste a half an hour doing nothing. Just sitting in the parking lot. Or in their waiting room, which only has a bunch of AARP magazines. They don't even have the diabetes stuff anymore, since moving to a new waiting room. At least that I could read and learn a little bit more about what's happening to my dad, or what could possibly happen to me.

The 4th was ~S~'s birthday. I called her at 10am to wish her happyhappy. Unfortunately, she was sick for her birthday again this year. I feel bad because I completely screwed up her birthday and Christmas gifts... I'd had the Christmas gift planned and purchased since the week after Thanksgiving. But then she told me her husband had gotten her the exact same thing (during our conversation about 'what we got for Christmas') and I ended up returning it. That was stupid of me. Very, very stupid of me. Not only because I didn't think "hey she'd love this just the same, even if it is the exact thing" but because -I returned it.- Okay maybe those two last points should go in reverse order of "how stupid Mike can be sometimes" but in any case... I screwed up.

New Year's Eve sucked. I was invited out at 8pm... after my family'd had dinner and I'd gotten sick from the argument between my sister and her dipshit boyfriend. (He'd called up, drunk, at like 6, and they were yelling at each other -on the phone- while the rest of the family ate dinner.) So, I declined going out. Ended up getting sick for the last hour of last year, and first few hours of this year.

The next day DSBF and his daughter came over for dinner. I can't even remember what we ate; I just know that I got up from the table after barely a full plate, got sick again, and went to my room. I can't stand him. And it's pretty hard for me not to like people.

So, even though the last couple weeks have mostly sucked, I've decided the next time I ask ~J~ out I'm going to have A Plan(TM).
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