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Last First Sunday of the Month of the Year

Yeah, so I'm tired and I don't feel like thinking harder on a good post title, mmmkay?

So my friend ~A~ finished her NaNoWriMo goal (YAY ~A~!!) of which I'm extremely proud of her and am pondering doing that myself next year. If nothing else, it'll be an interesting experience.

Surprisingly it has only been a week since I last posted! I know, something strange must have happened, right?
Well, not really, it was a rather... frustrating weekend on most counts but I was able to laugh a few times (Thanks ~S~) and was able to 90% clean my room.

Saturday the only thing I really can remember that happened before lunch was heading to the bank to deposit my (second and most likely last) expense check, then headed to Burger King for lunch. 45 minutes in the bank drivethru! then 15 in the Burger King one, and they even screwed up my order! As I saw my Mom come tromping up the stairs around 2:30 with a handful of trash bags I drove back to BK to pick up the sandwiches they'd neglected to include. When I got home I found that Mom had then proceeded to clean my -brother's- side of the room. Threw out months and months of magazines, lots of trash, found clothes he's been looking for... seriously the kid's room (and I say "kid" sparingly, as he's almost 100 pounds heavier than me) which has 3 times the floor space mine does was just... chaotic. Pandemonic. Nasty, gross, piled 21 inches high.
Mom bought two black wire shelving units for his side of the room, which we put together.
It's nice having his side of the room clean.
I'm mad, though, that she had to do it. I'm also mad that all of my clothes and my bed now smell like cigarette smoke.

So anyway Sunday we awoke to about a half inch of snow on the ground. I showered and dressed, then went outside to clear the ramp and back stairs so that we could get Dad out for Church. My sister stayed home with a stomach ache; she made us pancakes for breakfast.

Finished working on my room... there's a pile of bills I need to sort through, and a pile of magazines, books, and such that I need to find a place on a shelf to gather dust. But I'm pretty pleased.

4:30 Mom tells me that we're going out for Chinese food... so I get ready and get Dad ready. We're ready by 5... 5:30 rolls around and we finally head out... We get to the buffet place and there's a million and four people there. Birthday party. So Mom gets in and asks for a table in smoking... the girl says "I'm sorry because of the birthday party there's no smoking." Mom just turns around and walks out. Now, in my experience Oriental people are some of the easiest to offend, and well, I knew what Mom did was Bad(TM). So I said to the girl, "thank you but they're very adamant about smoking" and we left. I drove Dad home; Mom and Sis went to Walmart (for some retarded reason) before coming home with three very large bags full of McDonalds' burgers and chicken and nuggets and fries. I grabbed two burgers and a big glass of water and sequestered myself in my room.
I found that whole buffet thing very, very selfish and I think I gave myself a stomach ache by thinking about it and trying to bite my tongue. I don't give a flying crap if you want to smoke when you eat, not only did you insult some very polite people you were completely inconsiderate of what other people wanted (avoiding the fact that I didn't want to go there in the first place, but damn, McDonalds' instead of Chinese food?) and basically screwed us out of an enjoyable dinner.

Thanks -ever- so much.

Anyway, I'm going to finish my glass of water and go to bed... I need to not come home right away tomorrow, I have a birthday card to get for SGG (for Tuesday) and my ideas for Christmas gifts just aren't percolating at all this year.
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