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Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, and a few days before.
We got the new stove installed without an issue (well, too much of an issue) on the 20th. AND THEN! my sister had the gall, gumption, and nerve! to use it to make eggs! at 10pm! on Monday!

The week went by pretty quickly. Found out the girl at work I was interested in is a smoking, heavy drinking, gambling gold digger and while she might make an interesting friend (and is honestly a treat to look at (and yes, I actually said it) ) I could never date her. Oh well.

Wednesday I don't remember much outside of leaving work at 3pm and enjoying it.

Thursday was, well, Thanksgiving. Helped out here and there with food, and was ready to eat by 2... except what with the new stove and all Mom and Sis went conservative with how much food they stuffed in there to cook. So dinner wasn't actually ready til 5:30.
We had... Turkey, mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, sausage stuffing, dinner rolls, garlic knots, plain and mushroom gravy, olives, and a couple other things I can't remember. Oh and they also made green been casserole and onion casserole, neither of which I like, so I didn't eat any.

Friday I vegged, and it was good. Well after dinner ~S~ ~C~ and I were on WoW and we slew a dragon and it was fun because it was with friends and we had a good time joking around and such.
Saturday, I vegged, and it was good.
Sunday I vegged, and it was good. Well after breakfast I got into WoW's PVP arena and spent a few hours there, after which I got yelled at by Mom for not feeding Dad when no one told me there would not be anyone home to feed him. I make him sound like a pet, but honestly, he can't provide for himself, so someone needs to put a plate of something together for him.

I tried cleaning my room a few times but what with my brother's room not being clean, every time I'd look over there or carry a trash bag to the stairs I'd see his mess and just get completely discouraged til finally I didn't have any oomph to do the cleaning at all.

I'm tempted to place a trash can at the bottom of the stairs, bring a shovel upstairs and toss all of it down and carry it out. Of course that would SO go over well.

I found a great planet and starfield making tutorial on the web and have been futzing with it (the tutorial is here and my resulting first picture is here.
I think I did a pretty good job. I'm no expert, but I had fun.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind...
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