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Heck of a weekend

My sister has been bugging me for over a month to go half and half with her for a new stove for the house. I basically told her no.
So Saturday she goes out with my mom, gets a new Sears credit card, and buys a new stove. Delivery is scheduled for 11/20. Except there's a list of regulations and requirements that need to be met before the delivery guys will hook up the stove.

So Mom bought the pipes , and I spent over ten hours on Sunday hooking them up and trying to repair the fuster cluck of gas piping that had been built when the house was expanded. (House built 1930s, kitchen added late 40s, used aluminum and galvanized pipe, both no-nos for natural gas)

We also broke the door handle on the existing stove trying to move it so I could install a valve behind it.

And apparently, it's an Italian tradition/habit/quirk to have an extra stove in the basement... so the old stove is getting installed in the basement.

I wish cinderblock wasn't so solid, or I'd be bashing my head against it.
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