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Need to take a Page

from dogzilla30 in that not only do I need to become and stay more creative, but I also need to post to my journal slightly more often, because trying to remember things from three and a half weeks ago just doesn't seem to be working too well.

So we'll start with:

*Work. I haven't gotten any communications from the company I was training for. Lovely.
*Family. Usual stuff.
*Creativity. I have written a few poems, but nothing substantial in a prose vein. I do admit, ~A~, I'm extremely proud of you and the endeavor you've set yourself upon.
*Movies. My brother took me to see Serenity (my third, his first) for the very last showing in South Jersey last Wednesday.
*Books. I'm reading a book called "Tall, Dark, and Hungry" by Lynsay Sands. I'm only a chapter and a half into it and I'm laughing out loud!
*Health. I had two migraines over the past week. One was from either the MSG Mom puts in her Tuna fish, or the sour cream in our spinach dip. The other popped up on my way home from work but I was able to subdue it with some relaxation techniques and an ibuprofen. Went to bed entirely too early, so I'm kinda floopy this morning, but at least *crosses fingers* it's gone.
Also started walking again. In my Halloween pictures I've noticed I've gained weight - probably from drinking 3-4 sodas a week - not to mention that that was pretty much all I drank at the Halloweekend Party... And I need to lose at least 15 pounds by May.
So I told myself I'd give up on In-town-IM girl, right?
Well, I'm still chatting with her. No sense giving up on a potential friend, right?
I was digging through my Yahoo searches and saw a face I recognized. In her profile she left an IM name... and I contacted her... Found out she is exactly who I thought she was - I went to HS with her - and we chatted a grand total of twice... because every time I send her a message she signs off.
Anyway, I see last Friday that In-town-IM girl's away message is "I think too much." Now, ~S~, ~A~, ~M~, ~L~, and any other number of my friends know how true this applies to myself. So I sent her a message. "Why do you think too much?"
Long story short, boys suck, and boys who want to "screw" on the third date are not what she's looking for.
I figure, okay. So I'm going to listen. I told her straight out, "I'm not going to judge you, I'm just here to listen."
And she says "I want a man who doesn't expect that." And I told her "A man wouldn't. But boys do, and it seems that is mostly whom you're attracting."
Meanwhile I want to reach through the screen and bonk her, since I am definately not the type of man who expects anything other than good company with a friend. (To say anything else, such as "anything more is a bonus" simply undermines my intentions and wouldn't have helped her.)
Of course, she's not even blonde, though if I remember correctly she is Polish (I really could be wrong though) so blatant obviousness completely skips over her.

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