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Diversionary Tactics

I'm not one to bitch about people I don't know.

Oh, come on, be honest, you were thinking as soon as you read the first five words of that previous sentence, "You gotta be kidding me, half of this journal (conservative estimate) is complaining!"

But about people I don't <i>know</i>, that's a different story.

I've mentioned my trips for business purposes.  I've mentioned that they're semi-enjoyable except for not completely understanding what it is I'm doing.

But I didn't mention that, the Sunday before my first "official" trip out (which would have been the 17th of Sept) I got a "Wink" from a girl via Match.com.

Yes, a man of my obviously unlimited talents, charm, and panache is resorting to e-dating services.  (Completely tongue in cheek, mind you.)  And I'm 26 now, I'm finally thinking of myself as a man?  When the hell did that happen?

Anyway, I digress.  I responded to this "Wink" - basically a miniscule message that says "I dig what I read in your profile, and (if you posted a picture) I like your picture.  Let's chat."

So I emailed her.  Got a response.  Went away.  Chatted with her briefly.  Finally got Internet at the hotel and was able to chat with some solidity with her the second week I was there.
I get home, and we chat, but the chats are very difficult to complete... She goes to bed two hours before I do, not to mention her answers are all very short.

So, I was honest with her.  I said, "I am intrigued by you, and I'd like to get to know you better... I'm not sure how comfortable you are chatting at length on IM*, so here's my phone number."

*Keep in mind, standard first-date style questions - ie, what's your favorite movie - fell flat with a single answer and no reasons or responding in kind of questioning.

She (apparently) took it down.

Saturday the 8th I was bored out of my skull.  She asked me - at 3pm - what I plans I had for Saturday.  And you'll probably recall, any plans for Saturday are soft, and basically it's a "see what comes" day.
So I said to her, "Well, since neither of us appear to be extremely busy, we could, you know, do something."
Her response?  "LOL"
Ten minutes later... "Like what?"
Me:  "Movies, exploratory driving (since she's new in town, been here less than three months), pumpkin picking's out because it's pouring down rain (which it was), coffee..."
Her response:  Nothing.
Ten minutes after that, her "status message" changed to "Sudoku" - that damned numbers-adding game - and after 50 minutes of that, "not at my desk."

Lovely girl.

And we all know how much I ENJOY being ignored.
So, I'm thinking I wasted my time. I even shared a dozen of my poems, AND showed her my website. AND gave her my phone number! Feh.
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