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Kutztown 13

I'm not usually one to comment on "national goings-on" in my "blog" because, well, a lot of the time my input doesn't matter.

But in the situation with the now-called "Kutztown 13"... I can only voice my opinion both as a Mac user as well as a system administrator.

As noted in the article from the Boston Globe (since it's one of the few correct articles I can find that's not editorial)...

The trouble began last fall after the district issued some 600 Apple iBook laptops, one to every student at the high school. The computers were loaded with a filtering program that limited Internet access. They also had software that let administrators see what students were viewing on their screens.

But the administrative password that let students reconfigure computers and have unrestricted Internet access was easy to obtain. A short version of the school's address, the password was taped to the backs of the computers.

And whether or not the parents and students signed a "code of conduct" the technical staff in this school district should be held somewhat accountable, too, for not only using such an easily determined password, but for attaching it physically to the computers!

I know I'm not the best at Internet or Computer security, but I am also not lax enough to be giving my users the ability (within the limits I'm allowed to set) to screw up their computer or use them for "the forces of darkness". They might find something out on their own or introduce something to the computer which causes problems. But if they do, it's my fault for not taking the precaution to prevent it.
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