michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Middle of Fripping August



So let's see, the last week... was BORING! I mean really! Wednesday into Thursday I was able to read a 670 page book, and then Friday I watched a movie! (I really should have brought more than one.)

Well, hopefully it'll pick up in the next couple weeks.

So I found out that ~J~ the girl I'd hung out with all of once back in December got engaged last weekend (I'm honestly happy for her!) to the guy she was set up on a blind vacation-date with back in March.

Saturday I rebuilt my main computer because I'd screwed it up all those years ago when putting it together (5gb main partition for Windows XP Pro = bad) then not a half hour after I finished the power in the house flickers.

Long story short, took me almost four hours to figure out what the problem was - apparently it had gotten so hot yesterday that my basement heated up, and caused some previous electrical repairs we'd done to become unstable, thereby causing the circuit they're on to shut off due to a short circuit. Bad bad. So I temporarily fixed it (getting zapped in the process) and went to bed.

Sunday I got through Church okay. Slept weird - woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at exactly 2am for some odd reason. Got back into bed and slept great. Of course, after church I ended up with a migraine, which I couldn't sleep away, so after dinner ended up taking Excedrin Migraine. I cooked dinner - on the old grill, though, because the new one seemed to be out of gas, even though the indicator on the gas tank shows it should have at least a quarter left. Odd stuff.
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