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I can't believe it's August already. I feel like I was just scraping ice off my windshield in January.

This week has been a bear. And that's an understatement... It's been SO BORING at work, not only have I read Laurell K. Hamilton's Guilty Pleasures, I got halfway through The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I'd probably have more, but that's explained shortly...

Monday was normal. Slow slow late shift day.
Tuesday the building got hit by lightning at 6:30pm, knocking out power for 5-6 seconds. My late shift partner's PC died, so I set her up on another person's and we were running fine for almost an hour when the power totally went out at 7:20pm. So, I called Bosslady who said "go home."
I went about shutting down the server and PCs that didn't need to be on (and really shouldn't have been left on) and left a note for the morning manager - he gets in at 4am - and decided to come in at 7 myself.
So I got up Weds at 6:15, showered and drove my ass to work at 7. Spent the better part of four hours getting the network to behave (Cisco 3520 routers... kept blinking like a synchronized Christmas Tree. That's bad.) and another two to get the server working right (apparently some of the services authenticate on the domain, and the password used for the username had expired. I have NO idea why we don't use a static username for those.) Did PC work for Bosslady and one of the assistant managers; was only able to fix the former. The latter needs a full wipe and rebuild, there's just so many trojans and spyware.
Thursday was normal. Friday was normal. Boring, but normal. Well, Thursday was interesting coming home.
Get up to my room and all the windows are closed, and it's HOT. So I go and reopen them and find my fan on the floor... filled with water. That's odd. Then I take a step to put it back in the window and my foot "squishes" in a puddle. So I turn on all my lights and look around, and see that the two monitors on my desk, my keyboards, alarm clock, notepad full of poems, box of tissues, desk blotter calendar, among other things are soaked. There's a puddle on my chairmat, and I didn't find out til three hours later my chair and bed were soaked, too. (After I'd sat on the chair for three hours...)

So I ended up sleeping on the floor on a sleeping bag Thursday night. Had some odd dreams.

I plan to take my dad to see Dukes of Hazzard in the movies tomorrow.
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