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Saturday, Land of a Thousand Dustmotes

So last night, had a kick ass group in Plane of Valor, with Lana, Braitha, Zatash, the Twins, and some random peoples...

B+Z went to bed at 11 (my time) and we recreated the group... And went pretty good til 1:30. When we wiped.

And the twins + Lana lost AA exp, which is not supposed to happen...

So I stayed up til three waiting on a petition. Went to bed. Got up, waited three more hours, finally got a response... 'Thank you for your reporting this situation, please have every affected person petition.'

Well, that's a step...

So I've been dealing with my brother harassing me about rejoining the ATS Trekmush, which I'm slightly tempted to do, for off-EQ times, but I also know that my unemployment is running out, and I still haven't even gotten an interview, after nearly five months and dozens of resumes.

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