michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Computers, Fleas, Movies

So I went over that guy's house yesterday to fix his problem. Hour and a half drive there... 45 minutes to fix... hour for lunch... hour and a half to drive home... and I'm getting paid for nine hours, wizzoot!

We sprayed the house for fleas last night. We're not sure where they came from; Mom's of the opinion she brought them from her construction-job's house, but I think they came from somewhere related to my brother. Either a friend's dog, or his bedroom... I shudder to think.
Anyway, Mom tossed the cat into the bathroom (and closed his tail in the door and wouldn't open it til I -yelled- at her, "Mom the cat's TAIL is stuck in the door!", and he was crying, oh I felt so bad) and we sprayed his usual haunts... Three or four windowsills, a couple corners in the kitchen, and behind some of the chairs and couches.

Then we went out to dinner to Old Town Buffet on Rt. 38. We took our time... I kept trying to get us to go to the movies afterwards - I really want to see the 'new' "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - but Mom was being a dork about it. So we ended up staying in the restaurant for 2 hours then headed home.

I got a very nice "praise" email from the guy I helped. He indicated in the email (which he originally sent to my manager) that I am "the green thumb of computers." The problem is, not many computers are green.

They're more beige or off-white... Well unless you buy Dell, then they're black and charcoal...
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