michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

I goofed.

Last week I switched shifts with one of the guys in the department for Monday the 11th.

So I woke up and came in... at 9. And realized when crossing off the weekend days on my calendar that I'd goofed, and come in two hours early.

I weighed the pros and cons of going home and ended up staying in work.

It was a long day... 9 to 8pm... I treated myself to an hour lunch, went to the mall for a Tivoli salad from Saladworks (and two wheat rolls), and got a couple books (The Rite, The Historian, and I can't remember the third) and wandered a bit before going back to work. (Of course, I forgot to get anniversary cards for my parents >.< )

The day was okay up til about 7 when I called home and found out the power in the house died, and that my brother had left my dad, home alone, with no power. GRR.
I tried to leave early but got stuck on a call.

The guy was dumb... I ended up needing to teach him how to use the Internet.
I do so love doing that.
Told him to delete what's in the address bar... He deletes up to the end of http://

Me: no, sir, delete everything.
So then he does it again, and leaves http://www... then proceeds to type in the www.whatever.com address
Me: sir.
Him: yes?
Me: here's what I want you to do. See that backspace key? I want you to click in the address bar and wait a second.
Him: okay.
Me: now hold down the backspace key for ten seconds.
Him: okay.
Me: is the address bar empty?
Him: yes, but there's no hittup whackwhack.
Me: Don't worry about that. I don't want that. I just want you to type www.blahblah.com

And yes, he seriously said "hittup whackwhack."

Got home without incident, the power was on, Dad had eaten, and I vegged - watched Hitch (very funny and good movie) - and went to bed earlier than usual.
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