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One Week gone

In 43 days, I'll have worked at my present job for a year. It's a nice place... the people are okay, the clients suck, the software's horrible, but it's a living, right?
In ten days, I'll have played WoW for eight months. <3 cheap entertainment.
In 15 days, my good friend ~A~ (whom I miss very much, *hugs*) will turn twenty nine. (not her real age, thank you.) <3 you ~A~, miss you muches.

One month and nine days ago was the 6th anniversary of having my appendix removed. While I was in Texas. No wonder my belly hurt that day.
In two months, it'll be the 20th anniversary of having the implants put in my ankles. They still hurt when it rains. And they make the neatest clicking noise.
In three months two days, I'll be 26. I'll have lived for twenty six years - almost all of it with the same five people.
In four months, we'll have been in our house for seven years. So much has changed... (The bathroom's still not finished though.)

In two days, my dad goes for pre-cert for yet another bout of surgery, this time to move the fistula graft in his arm over just a little bit, because apparently it's the site of a rather nasty infection. (Thanks for telling me that at dinner, Mom. Great appetizer.)

Three days ago marked my fifth year single. Oh well.

And all I've been worrying about this past week is whether or not I'll have the money to feed everybody with, not to mention while taking care of my own financial responsibilities.
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