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Memorial Day Weekend

I hadn't planned to spend almost all of it online.
I'd wanted to take my dad to see Episode 3 again (because he fell asleep for a few minutes the first time, and I wanted to find some of the Easter Eggs)

In fact, the only times I ended up going out of the house was to take Dad to dialysis on Monday, to Church and breakfast on Sunday, and to dinner on Sunday.

My brother and sister were supposed to go camping on Friday, but the NJ State Police weren't allowing drivers into the area they wanted to go - somewhere in central South Jersey where they hoped to go four-wheeling (offroading) as well as camping. (Kind of disappointing actually.)
After I left work at 3, I hung at home and wrote out some bills, and watched Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope). I left to pick up Dad from Dialysis; Mom told me to take him out to dinner - she was mowing the lawn - so instead I decided to stop at the chinese place around the corner from our house and pick up dinner for the three of us (not knowing sis + bro didn't leave.)

Saturday my mom and sister went out shopping and to eat; Dad and I ordered pizza and wings :twisted:

Sunday we went to Church, then breakfast. For dinner we had a nice big fight about how I didn't want chinese, but mom and sister did (even though they'd gone Saturday, and Dad and I had some Friday) but we ended up going to a chinese buffet.

Monday I slept in til 6:05am. (I usually get up at 6:45.) Took Dad to dialysis, then while he was there helped with dinner - the traditional Memorial Day bbq - with sis' boyfriend - and watched Armageddon while we ate. That movie always makes me cry.

Otherwise, though, I was online a lot. Tried writing a few times. Have a few things I'm working on... but wasn't able to do anything. Just not feeling the creative spark. I know I felt creative after coming home from Texas, but I think the whole family thing where "mike we're glad you're back, when are you going back" thing was a huge turnoff. Not to mention my brother not cleaning his room *still*.

And there's no point to me cleaning my 8x8 area (and closet) if his 16x20 area (with closet) isn't clean, especially when I have to go through his stuff to get to mine.

On another note, ~S~ hurt her back yesterday putting her daughter in the car after shopping. Poor woman, always getting hurt... I can't even laugh because it's just not funny.
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