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Back in my own bed...

And I hate it.

I hate that I had to leave two of my very bestest friends.

I hate that I had to come back to this fuster cluck.

I hate that I can't resolve my issues with imagined or implied responsibility.

Oh, and I had originally started to write the journal of the trip, but I decided not to post it. There's only two people I want to share it with in NJ... Granted, I shared it with my family, but that was more out of a sense of common courtesy (in a "no, Mom, I wasn't sleeping with married or attached people or doing anything that would be against my personal code of conduct" way) and three other people outside of Texas. So I'll probably be emailing or speaking on the phone with those folks.

Anyway, I'm home, and I just have one thing to say...

I don't wanna.
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