michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Weekend before Getaway

Went pretty well.
Saturday went out food shopping. Got a lot of meat. Cheap, too, but good stuff - London Broil, pork chops, hot dogs.
When we got home it fell to me to cook dinner for my sister's BF and daughter. Lurvely folks, really. *rolls eyes*
Found out our barbecue is on its last legs - half the burner doesn't work and it barely gets hot - so we ended up using the Foreman grill we got my brother for Christmas - and never opened yet - and they turned out decently well if a bit flat.
Sunday went to Church. Mom had a stomach ache! so she didn't go at the same mass I did ! Turns out the 24th is Passover Sunday and there was supposed to be First Communion, so the handicap seating spot was all taken over by guitars, microphone stands, and such. Oh and during the mass someone got sick/had a stroke/ or something and when we left there were two cop cars and an ambulance was dispatched while we were getting into the car.

Mom and sis went shopping - girl stuff I guess - and I made dinner - porkchops, green beans, baked beans, and maccheese - which only Dad and I sat at the table to eat :(
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