michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

April 17th+

I'm going to Texas to visit ~M+D~, ~S+C~, and ~B+K~ on the 29th, for a week.

Gunna have a blast!

Meanwhile, home's been usual. Mom bought a new car. Rather, bought a car, which is new to the family, but old - an early 90s Mercury. I don't know why we keep buying Fords, when we have four sitting, dead, in the yard...

In any case though, my third car - the white olds - will be getting junked. *sob* I'll miss that car... 160 horsepower... 4 cylinder... Really had pickup when it was running right. Nice big trunk, too. Clean, mostly quiet except for that odd loudness a lot of four-cylinders get when they get old enough...

This week I was supposed to be early all week - that is, 8 to 4:30 shift. Ended up switching for Monday and Wednesday for someone's late shift - 11:30 to 8. While it completely put my week out of whack - was almost like being in retail again - I have two days of "owesies" banked :)
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