michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Procrastination habit? Through to 4/16


April 15th: My brother's birthday. It's also US Federal Income Tax Day. I had to work. I called him at about 10:30 wanting to wish him Happy Birthday... but he was still in bed. So I left him a message and went about my day.
We took him out for chinese buffet dinner. Was nice company, even if the food sucked.
We got him a tiramisu cake... I can't eat any *cries*

April 16th: My brother's after-birthday day. Did some cleaning... then went to the bank to get money for dinner. We ended up going to The Pic-a-Lilli Inn...
Well, it wasn't quite that simple.
See, Mom made reservations for ten. I about had a stroke when I found out I might have to pay for ten peoples' dinner... But found out that sister's BF and his bud would pay for themselves.
So we leave the house at 6:05 for a 6:30 reservation. Get there at 6:35. Find out that there's actually two Pic-A-Lilli locations, and we had gone to the wrong one.
So we drive another twenty minutes (during which Dad's bloodsugar is steadily dropping) to the second location. Turns out, the second location is less of an "Inn" and more of a "deli/pizza place."
Needless to say, Mom was bummed to the max. Dan kept trying to console her (and we forcefed Dad a piece of candy and two very tall glasses of Sprite). Casey went out and bought a 12 pack of Coors Light, because they didn't serve booze (like the Inn does.)
We had a very decent dinner though... I had some awesome French Onion soup, and a few mild wings, and a pulled pork sammich which I ended up not eating cause just smelling it gave me funnyhead.
So we had a very good time, and I am pretty sure Mom got over her understandable goofup.
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