michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Easter Weekend

(which I survived, thank you very much)
Friday work sucked, as usual. Came home, dealt with Dad's dinner, skipped Stargate (since it was the second part of the season finales)
Watched some Angel.

Saturday cleaned a tiny bit, and took ~M2~ out to see Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous.* She needed to go home to work, so I stopped at Wendy's cause I was hungry. Went home, watched some Buffy** and a couple movies.

Sunday... Church. We survived Easter Sunday! And then I took my dad and brother out to breakfast so my mom and sister could cook dinner in peace. DSBF was over, so it wasn't all good, but it was decent food.

*Congeniality 2: Very funny movie. A bit slower paced, I think, than the first was, but a bit better done, and a bit more suspenseful, I think. Also a bit more... Human.

**Buffy, Season 6 disc 2. Includes the exceptional episode, "Once More with Feeling". The musical. Wow it was great. I watched it twice, and watched the commentary, and watched it again. Wow. And then "Tabula Rasa", the ep after it... Wow.
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