michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

De-lighted Pot - a Poem

I was sitting on the porcelain pot,
Pain-wracked and yet still comfy in the stall
Thinking about all the plans I have got
Texas, money, the girl, movies, and all

I heard someone enter who did his biz
He stood quietly at the urinal
I did my part too as he took his whiz
Heard him flush, then wash, then turn out the lights!

Stuck in utter darkness, voice did not carry
As I called out for illumination
to that very rude Tom Dick or Harry
I knew I had to finish in the black.

Reaching for the paper, balling needed
Wishing I could remember the strange thoughts
This troublesome event had succeeded
But gone, lost they were, almost as if flushed.

I stood to re-cover, reached down to belt
Away I felt all my frustrations melt
maybe he didn't or couldn't see me
I stepped back out into the room itself.

I stood at the sink with its huge mirror
And felt for the faucet, water taps too
If only my vision were a bit clearer
But complete darkness will do that to you

I felt for the door, to let in some light
Then searched for the switch and gave it a flick
And in my mind, I knew later tonight
and beyond, this laughing mem'ry would stick.
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