michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Tuesday Things

So I survived the week of getting picked up and dropped off at work. One day I even walked up to the Dunkin' Donuts up at the corner for lunch. I think it might have been Tuesday.
Wednesday I tried to watch the last two weeks of Stargate... except the lady we've been taping the shows for, didn't give my dad back the correct tape. No point in watching the first two of the last four episodes of the season when you're missing one.

Friday I skipped Stargate again, cause it is/was the first half of the season finale, and I didn't want to watch it, having missed the two episodes prior.
Saturday I took Dad to see Robots. It was pretty good; funny, cute story. Definately a DVD-buy.

After we got home I was on the computer trying to write, and couldn't get anything out so I decided to relax a little on WoW. A few minutes in, my screen goes black... I'm thinking, oh, no. So I drop under the desk with the flashlight, looking at the fans, and the fan on the video card has seized up.
I power the computer off and pull out the card. Fan's not turning even by hand. So I blow it off with canned air and proceed to spend the next hour trying to find manufacturers' warranty information. I send them an email.

I started playing Sims2 on my brother's computer... spent about a half hour doing that. Also finished the two Charmed episode discs, and sent them back to Netflix.

Sunday we went to church. Palm Sunday... I accidently fell asleep once or twice, been a while since I've done that. Had eggs for breakfast (which I haven't had in almost two months, except for the egg sammichs on Fridays from Wawa, but those don't count cause they're not 'real' eggs)

I don't remember doing much of anything between breakfast and dinner except walking up to the dollar store a half block away to get ice, and then driving to the Acme to get eggs.

Something I ate on Sunday (probably the cupcake) gave me a Migraine on Monday. It really sucked. Woke up at 6:42, took an ibuprofen thinking it was just a headache, slept for another hour. Got up again, couldn't stand the phone ringing, so popped my last sample Zomig pill and called out of work. I really hate calling out on Mondays... I can't imagine what they think. "Oh, Mike had another wild weekend so maybe he needed a third day." Or something. Or maybe I should just not worry about it and not care what they think, because I do do my job when there, and in fact do more than a lot of them.

Anyway, I ended up sleeping from around 10 to 4, with a lunch break, ate, had dinner, watched some Stargate SG-1, then went to bed.
I did get to talk to ~S~ briefly, and that was nice, her voice is always soothing. ~M~ had a decent if nuts day at work - she finally got a new temp to train - and I hope she(temp) turns out positively for her(~M~) !

I really don't want to go to work today.
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