michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

The Ides are Past

I asked her for a birthday hug. So I hug her... well she stood with her arms all tight to her sides, and screamed "NO HUG NO HUG NO HUG COOTIES OMG GONNA DIE".

Work sucked. It just kept on going... Like cold molasses rolling uphill in January at the North Pole.

So then I get picked up (since my car died Sunday) and we go home. Sister still hadn't decided what she wanted for dinner... Her choices were steak (the same place we went for Mom's b-day) or Chinese buffet. Except, she didn't want to choose. She wanted the family to choose. We ended up having the Chinese buffet.

I admit, I chose that also, since I didn't feel like paying 200+ dollars for a dinner that would not be appreciated.

I took Dad to Walmart briefly after dinner so that we could buy The Incredibles and Ladder 49 (which just came out on DVD) and I even saw Star Trek: First Contact, which is actually kind of frustrating, because this is the 'Special Edition' with three additional hours of special features, and I'd bought the original widescreen version a couple weeks ago without it. Oh well.

So we get home. We have cake. My mom made my sister a jello cake, and my brother made her a cheesecake. Was really really good.

She got money... very much more money than I got for my birthday... but then as I repeatedly tell myself it's not the gifts I'm given but the people with whom I share my day.
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