michaeljr915 (michaeljr915) wrote,

Almost the Ides of March *screams*

Well tomorrow's my sister's birthday.
I got her a card.

Weds I had my EEG. The lady who administered it said she wasn't normally very chatty in the early mornings but I got her talking; we talked about cats, dogs, and the weather.
She said she couldn't give me any infos about the test til I saw the doctor...

on April Eleventh! Blah.

So the week was a pretty normal week of late shift... quiet after 6...
Friday they started to install the new bathroom at home... New toilet, yay! Except they screwed up some electrical stuff which I spent some time Friday night fixing.

Saturday did some room cleanage... Picked up Dad from dialysis and had a nice nap in the car (almost 45 minutes!) then took Mom and Dad out to buffet dinner. We got there just as it started to empty, and right before the bus arrived. :D

Sunday we went to Church, came home, then went to Petsmart. As we came home the car died about 4 blocks from home, so I let it coast til it slowed enough so I could jump out and push.
Pushing the car two and a half blocks, I felt -dead-, and ended up taking more than a two hour nap.
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